Monday, December 3, 2012

Break Time Productivity

Whenever I get sick of knitting, I take a short break.* I try and be productive - usually, I take the puppy outside or clean something. Lately, I find that cleaning takes me out of knitting for HOURS, so I'm trying to keep break times creative.

I did a few digital sketches of Ricardo Montalban for my impending WREATH OF KHAN.

I find your holiday spirit tedious

Then I made a quick poster based on something I saw on the internet.
This delights me. I'll be hanging it up at work, where no one will understand what it means, but it will make me giggle when I see it. Hopefully no one is offended by the skeleton face. Anything's possible in the library!

AND a blog post! YAY for productivity!

*sometimes, it's a very long break. 


  1. I printed off your Vashta Nerada poster for our staff suite (I work at a public library). One of my colleagues pointed out that there are actually places in this work area where one has two shadows. Eek!

    Love your work on Ravelry!

    1. That's terrifying! LOL And thank you!