Monday, November 12, 2012

TARDIS Fingerless Gloves

Greetings again, lovely people!

A few.. years ago... I decided to design some decent TARDIS Fingerless Gloves, since all the ones I saw online were unappealing to me. It was a clear void in the available knitted patterns associated with Doctor Who. A void I was dedicated to filling. It took me about 7 tries before I got the yarn weight/pattern working, and a few more before it was tweaked to perfection. I posted the pattern for sale on both Etsy and ravelry and it has been mildly popular so far!

So here are the gloves:


If you know how to knit, please follow the links above to purchase the pattern. If you don't, I'll be posting the gloves for sale on my etsy shop as they are completed!

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