Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pre-D*C post

I have neglected you, oh blogthing. I've been veryvery busy with stuff that didn't end in me making something. Gifts have been few and far between. I haven't been feeling productive or generous, as such.

Still, It wouldn't be Dragon*con if I didn't make presents for my people. I'll do the full round up later when I have all the pictures in, but I wanted to share this one before con, because it reminded me of my blog and why I started it.

Did you ever make something at someone's suggestion, and then realize that there's a good chance that showing up to the party with this might end with you a) being known as a weirdo (too late), or b) getting stuck with all of the things you made because no one wants your weirdo crafts?

All the time. 

Someone specifically asked for one of these. They had a picture of it, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere. So I made it. Then we brainstormed the others and I made those, too. I'm accommodating, enthusiastic and silly. But not confident. :P
I love making things that will make people giggle. The problem is that sometimes I misread what's going to be entertaining. Luckily, I think it's just pre-con exhaustion hitting me in the boldness balls, as it were.  So I'll sleep now. And when I wake, I will assemble my steampunk costume, pack and clean my house. I leave in two days for my nerd pilgrimage. It shall be glorious.