Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Play Dress-Up!

With Dragon*con fast (OMGFAST!) approaching, I've been thinking about my appearance more than usual. I've been considering what costumes to wear, and how they look on me. I've been playing with makeup, and considering hairstyles.

I've also hit a moment in my life where I feel like I've surrounded myself with so much useless nonsense, I need an intense purge: of possessions as well as outdated thoughts and beliefs. Spring cleaning for the whole self!

All of this has brought something I rarely consider directly under my gaze: my fabulously lame wardrobe!

Jeans, tshirts, sneakers. I've dressed it up a bit since I worked at the library...Give me a plain V-neck or throw a cardigan on, and I'm layered enough for any indoor environment! I don't dress to get attention, and that's really ok, since I usually don't want attention, but I've recently begun to notice that the clothes I own aren't flattering or comfortable. Nothing makes a person feel more self conscious than ill fitted clothes! (except maybe a giant nose pimple)

I was having a discussion the other day about jeans, and it hit me like a fashion epiphany that I prefer trouser cut to all other styles. Something about being fitted around the waist and belly, but having space in the leg/knees that is appealing. Also, I think it flatters my shape. Since then, I'm super aware of how constricting my boot-cut jeans are! I can barely wear the damned things anymore!

My tshirts are often too long for my frame. I haven't met a capri pant that hasn't made me look like a hobbit. I love natural fibers and knitted layers and sun dresses. And, shockingly (to me), I love things like this:

It's very pretty, feminine and kinda hippyish, and I love it. No idea where I'd wear it...

But it goes with my self image of being silly and pretty and creative and carefree. I've been carrying this weight around, literally and figuratively, for so long, it's hard to remember a time when I dressed like the sweetheart I tend to be, instead of the attention-resistant introvert I've become. There's room for me to be both! I can have pretty clothes if I want! I deserve to feel good about myself!

So, since I'm working now, and back in college (surrounded by teenagers), I'd like some input concerning my intended make-over. I'm calling on all of you to send me links to things you'd think would enrich whatever my style is turning into... Please ask me questions, get me thinking about this, since I'm feeling out of my depth trying to think on it alone.

If I like what I hear and see, I'll buy an item or two as I can afford it!

Summary: Right now I dress like a boringly repressed woman who writes worf/wesley slash and takes pictures of her cats wearing handcrafted hats based on those worn by historical military leaders.

Not that this is a bad thing. I'm sure done properly, it would be hilarious...

But it's not me. Let's turn my lame wardrobe into something wonderful and reflective of the puckish you all know and love!

Let's play dress-up!

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  1. I think you should get a butterfly hair piece and a burnt orange sun dress. You would look amazing and you wouldn't need a place to wear it! You can wear butterflies in your hair everywhere.

    There is a lovely, bubbly girl in my department who wears giant flower pins in her hair no matter what she's wearing. It always looks fabulous.