Friday, August 6, 2010

By Your Command

D*C is coming right up, so it's time to hit the costuming and crafting like a fast thing that reaches top speeds before collision.

I really suck at metaphors, but it is indeed like that.

Today I worked on a costume for a group theme that was the brainchild of my friend Emily. The plan: get several of our drunken batch of friends to morph Battlestar Galactica uniforms into something with a M*A*S*H influence. We've been calling it B*A*S*H. :) I've taken on the role of RADAR, cause I'm shortish and roundish and have glasses and ... ok, I wanted an excuse to make a Cylon teddy bear.

And now I have done!

I started by gathering everything I thought I'd need:

And fine, fine, I bought the scrolling LED kit from thinkgeek and had my dad do the soldering. I outsourced!

Then I altered the plans on instructables by using hot glue and velcro and such to attach everything. I didn't put any sound tech in it, cause I think talking stuffed animals are creepy and will try to kill me while I sleep. Stuffed Cylons especially.

I cut the seam in the back of the bear's head, and took out it's brains and then cut the eyeballs out of it. Unfortunately, with the stuffing out, it was strangely difficult to cut a straight line.

I then glued the LEDs in (REALLY frustrating!!) and rigged a velcro closure on the back seam, restuffed it, making sure the battery box with the on/off switch stayed within reach.

So it's done, and it does look sinister.

Remember how I said I couldn't cut the front straight?


That poor bear.

Here's what the bear looks like in action! With a soundtrack in the background cause I'm filming this with my coolpix! And me trying to hold still and not giggle!


I like to think that what I lack in polish I make up for in goofiness and enthusiasm. Silly is just one letter short of skilly! I'm almost there!

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