Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been SUPER busy (being awesome, mostly) and haven't shared the success of the lame things I, and others, made/put together for Dragon*con with my devoted blog readers!

I suck!

So here are some of the highlights:

This is my lovely, wonderful, bizarre, devoted, intoxicated group of friends dressed up like M*A*S*H meets Battlestar Galactica. That's me with the cylon bear from the last post, and that's Jack with the sign with all of the colonies... There are better pictures, but I can't find them at the moment. Maybe I'll add some later. The important thing is showing how the lame thing I made looks in context. Pretty awesome! I also made the image on the clipboard of the chest xray with a waffle inside. Like a toaster! Get it? Har Har Har!
I think best crafted item in the photo is the sign with the colonies. Luckily, it's being "stored" in my living room until next year's con. :)

Ahh, the Doctor. There is nothing lame about him at all. There is an argument for the knitted TARDIS being a lame thing, however. It was a gift*, which by all accounts, he adores, posing for pictures with it as he did all weekend, so the lame tag is obviously ill placed. (kinda like the positioning of that TARDIS. I'm sure there's a more appropriate photo out there, but they just weren't as funny...)

This is the beauty of lame gifts. The recipient either gets the inherent awesome and appreciates the quirkiness, or they accept it with an awkward smile and shove it in the closet until they get a chance to kill it with fire.

Sean (the Doctor) gets it. :) I'm convinced he cuddles that TARDIS in his sleep.

* Chikara knitted both the Doctor's scarf and his TARDIS. Well, done, dearest!

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