Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Alone With Sunburn

I'm going to blame the sunburn for my current state of wacked out delirium in the hopes that some of you may actually believe it is the cause. The truth, however, is that when I get bored and I'm too tired/lazy/unmotivated to actually work on or start a project, I surf the internet until I find something distracting.

I'm sure it's a common occurrence, and I make no apologies. It's just that it would be cooler if you all thought I lived and breathed my lame crafting.

Tonight, while exploring the interwebs, I found a lovely website that featured insightful photographs of the contents of several young hipster's bags and purses.

I am now sharing (forcibly) the contents of MY purse with you, as I am just a little bit hipstergeek and veryvery bored. It is lame. I made it.

My rendition of this exercise is less interesting than the examples in my opinion, but since I see this crap every day, it's probably a normal complaint.

BONUS: I found my lost flash drive! Who would have thought I'd have put that in my purse?!?

Now, go do the same and send me links. We'll discuss what it means to be ourselves.

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