Saturday, July 17, 2010

So You're Getting Married...

There's love in the air. The sky is blue, the flowers in bloom, and there are harps and birds and all that junk. My sister's good friend is having her bridal shower this weekend, and there was some joking about disregarding the registry and getting her an Elvis gravy boat. Which, then, of course, had to happen.

All of you who are currently planning a wedding, beware. I've got an affection for dumb decorative things anyway, and this is nearly perfect. Gravyboats and butter dishes for all of you!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. That is pure awesomesauce my friend!!!

  2. Why thank you, kind sir! *MWAH*

  3. I wish you were one of my friends and I knew you back when I got married, that is awesome.