Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dragon*Con 2011 - The One With the Litter Box

First I'll share the pictures of the gifts I made for my beloved friends at the con.

Sean, with his Gir hat:

Don't let his glower fool you - he wore that hat all weekend. Gir is surprisingly badass.

This next gift was done while people napped on me, as a thank you for our Jimmy. Jimmy, who, before we even saw him this year, left a cat box in front of our hotel room door. Jimmy, who asked us to paint him pink, taught us about the proper way to carry dildos in public. Jimmy, who dressed as a cross-dressing serial killer and danced for us. Jimmy, who brought costumed strangers to our room every night - specifically Ruby Rhod, from 5th Element. Ruby Rhod. I had to say thank you somehow...

Now I've just got to color it and make it even more appalling. I tell myself he loves it, even though I suspect I should apologize for drawing it.

Also, Jimmy asked me months ago to knit his stuffed prairie dog, Cody, a Jayne hat. Of course I did.

And.. that's all. That's all I made for people this year. I feel like an underachiever or something.

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