Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yule 2010

The holiday season.
I actually managed to get most of the knitting done in time this year, and I still feel beaten by the holidays.

Pictured are a few gifts for Chikara that turned out lovely. She picked both of them out, and the grayskull gloves are actually made of her very own yarn...
I'm proud of the Gir hat. it turned out a bit largish, but looks great. And she's so cute in it!

Another of my favorite giftthings was a hat I made for my brother. It's from a pattern I found online for a reversible "biker hat". Whatever that means. I made it with a fancy merino/cashmere blend I bought specifically for making mangifts. It knitted up extremely small, in my opinion, but, as with most knits, it stretches quite a bit. It was soooo dreamy to knit with that yarn, too.
I also really enjoy the goofy picture of my brother. It kinda looks like he's holding a miniature trombone...

I completely forgot to take photos of all the other things I made and gave out. Luckily, my new year's reflections led me to the shocking realization that I actually really enjoy making lame things for people, and I would like to spend more time planning/writing about this. So this year I am going to try very hard to focus on generosity and craft gifting, and writing all about it.

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