Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventures in Random Gifting

To give a gift is to engage in a social contract. The idea that a gift can be accepted with 'no strings attached" is an truly rare occurrence which I've never actually observed. Whether the gift is given as an obligation, in celebration, or to ingratiate one's self, it is offered with the knowledge that giving the gift "means something". And usually, that it must be repaid. Reciprocity is a big deal in all cultures, and it begins and ends with gifting.
I, having low self esteem and a distracting need to "earn" what joy I find, have a strange, but not unheard of, urge to give unnecessary gifts at random intervals.
My friends are usually the recipients of these delightfully lame things, as they have to consistently choose to hang out with me and I am forever grateful for this.
Just to be clear, I don't mean these gifts as bribes, but as payment for services rendered.

Hang out with me = Receive lame gifts.
It's that simple.

It also helps, I think, that I have a great love for making lameness and giving it away. What else could I do with all of this unfocused creativity?

After seeing several varieties of these little crocheted characters, I just had to try my hand at it. I'm sure Jack got one, for helping with the browncoat table at TikiCon. I don't remember who got the other....

When it came to "inspired ideas" I really thought this one would take the cake! Alas, everyone I tried to give this to graciously declined. Can you believe it? Lunatics!

I saw a photo of this baby cthulu and had to make it. Then I had to make one for everyone. It was a Dragon*Con gift for the folks I was expecting. cymerin still needs one. Don't let me forget!

These are only the lame gifts I photographed mind you. I'll find more. I'll make more. And I'll be sure to catalog them all here from now on!

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  1. Um, that cylon eye mask? I love it. Seriously. I love it. I want one.